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Business Technology

We partner with Google Cloud to provide cloud-based business tools.

What We Offer

Google Workspace

XTRA Tech has been providing 100% cloud-based email and productivity tools for creating and collaborating on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, attending virtual meetings and providing cloud storage through Google Workspace as an official partner since 2018.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Spinbackup provides a powerful and feature-rich enterprise-grade data protection solution for Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365, by offering automated daily backups, diversity in data storage locations, and top-level encryption.

Ransomware Protection

Your files will be constantly backed up to a cloud storage to protect you from ransomware attacks that will lock access to your files. Instead of paying a fortune to retrieve files that might never be returned, you can easily restore your files from a backup.

Application Audit

Engineers at SpinOne help you identify the security risk, business risk, and compliance risk of the SaaS apps and extensions connected to your mission-critical data to prevent a data breach in your organization.

Mobile App Development

We build basic business mobile and web applications using Google Apps Sheet and Wix. Using Wix, we can build a mobile app for the Android platform that will match your website's design and functionality. And with App Sheet, we can build both mobile and web applications.

End-user Trainings

Help your team get the right training in the use of technology to help them innovate and be productive. We offer trainings on productivity software, expert software and general computer use. We also offer end-user information security and cybersecurity trainings.

On-demand IT Support

Get a team of diverse and well-trained IT support professionals from XTRA Tech on standby to provide on-demand IT support to your business. The benefit? You save money by paying for a only the hours of service you need instead of maintaining a full-time IT support staff.

XTRA Tech resells Google Workspace subscriptions providing 100% cloud-based communication, collaboration and productivity tools for communicating with customers and team members, creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations and much more.

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