Website Design

Our Wix certified website designers build interactive, mobile-friendly websites.

We build beautiful, dynamic, professional-looking, mobile-friendly websites for individuals and businesses. In addition to designing websites, we provide website management, search engine optimization, and social media optimization services.


  • Business Websites

    If you need a website for your business, we can build you a stunning e-commerce, hotel or restaurant website that accepts orders, reservations or bookings. You can also use the Wix App to manage inventory, rooms, dishes or services. You can also send invoices from the app.

  • Mobile Optimization

    You get a mobile friendly website that looks stunning across all screens at no additional cost. A mobile friendly website also helps your business rank high on mobile searches hence contributing to a robust search engine optimization plan.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    All our plans come with complementary basic on-page search engine optimization service to help your website rank high on search engines. You can also opt in for a dedicated SEO plan for better results with highly competitive search phrases from an extra fee.

  • Social Media Optimization

    Whether you already have exiting social media account or you are looking to create new ones for your business, we would link them to your site as a complementary service. Please note however that you may need to create the pages yourself if you do not have a social media management plan with us.

  • Business Tools & Mobile App

    With a Wix Premium subscription, you get additional tools for marketing, customer relationship management and basic accounting. You can also access these tools and several other dedicated tools for e-commerce, hotel and restaurant management on the Wix mobile app which is free.

  • Website Management

    In addition to a one-time website design contract, you can sign a website management retainer contract with us to help you manage content on your website. We encourage first-year customers to opt in while they learn to manage their website themselves. Special fees will be charged for design modifications.

Completed Projects

  • Atlantic Lumley Hotel

    Atlantic Lumley Hotel

    The Atlantic Lumley Hotel is one of the best hotels in Sierra Leone located along the lively Aberdeen peninsular by Lumley beach.

  • Safeways Travel

    Safeways Travel

    Safeways Travel needed to boost their online presence with a redesigned website that provides relevant information to customers.

  • Kengenia Group

    Kengenia Group

    Kengenia Group is a multinational, multi faceted company that needed a website to provide information about all their companies.

Request a Quote

Get a 14-day trial of our website design, business email and/or cybersecurity and cloud-to-cloud backup subscriptions. We can complete your project between 2 to 14 working days.

Mobile Optimization

Your website will look stunning on mobile phones and tablet. Mobile optimization will be free of charge.

Search Engine Optimization

All on page SEO will be done according to best practice to ensure your site can be found on search engines for related searches.

Social Media Optimization

Your existing social media pages will be linked to your site. Your Instagram photo feed or Facebook store can also be integrated.

Website App

The Wix mobile app lets you easily manage content on your website such as blog posts, store inventory, hotel rooms and more.


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