Sew Lovely

Sew Lovely Online Boutique is a fashion and clothing design business in Sierra Leone that makes mostly African clothes and jewelry.


When Fatima started her fashion design business, her major worry was how she can brand her business and sell to customers on a low budget. She intends to build a website for her business at some point but in the meantime wanted to utilize social media to start selling online and grow her brand.

After she decided to change her business name from TWISS to Sew Lovely Online Boutique, XTRA Tech created and branded social media accounts for her business on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We created a logo and graphics for Sew Lovely using vibrant colors suited for the fashion industry. The branding materials were used on the business's social media profiles.

XTRA Tech also manages the business's Facebook posts and help plan its content strategy. We also helped the business promote its brand and events through social media markiting by utilizing Facebook adverts.

We are working to set up a Facebook store for Sew Lovely Online Boutique and develop their inventory database. With a Facebook store, Sew Lovely will be able to showcase its products to a lot of potential customers on Facebook and accept orders online.



Facebook likes in first two weeks


Social media accounts branded: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


Logo created along with other graphics

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