Radwan Skeiky Photography

Radwan Skeiky, a freelance photographer, needed a customizable website to showcase his street, landscape & portrait photographs.


Radwan Skeiky is a freelance landscape, portrait and aerial photographer from Sierra Leone. When Radwan called XTRA Tech about his website design needs, he was clear about what he wanted. He already had a website he designed with Squarespace and had a vibrant social media presence on Instagram and Facebook. However, he wanted a more customizable website design which he can easily manage himself. He wanted to be able to display his images in categories. He also pointed out that he would like to upgrade to an e-commerce website at a later time so that he can sell his digital images and prints online.

It was immediately clear that the Wix Website Builder would be a good place to build and host his website and thus the project was accepted. Wix has a commission-free e-commerce plan and great collaboration features to give Radwan just the right access he needs to manage contents on his website without interfering with the design.

We started working on Radwan’s website immediately from a blank template. We combined information provided by Radwan during his initial call and information collected from our online presence audit of his social media pages to present him with a draft in less than 24 hours. He loved the design and within a couple of days he had completed adding all his photos to the database we had created for his photo collections. We used Wix Database to easily organize his photos into categories and provide information about each category. We then linked these information to elements on his site and created a collection page and dynamic pages for each collection. His images were beautifully displayed on each dynamic page by linking Wix Pro Gallery elements to the database we had created.

What didn’t go so well? Radwan already had a domain registered with Squarespace, radwanskeikyphotography.com, which was connected to his previous website. This domain was supposed to be connected to the new website. However, attempts to connect the domain via pointing or using custom nameservers took longer than usual and was never successful. Since that domain hadn’t much authority as it was less than one month old; and Radwan wanted his new site to be up and running immediately, we advised him to purchase a similar domain name, radwanskeiky.com, from Google Domains. With Google Domains, he was able to share domain management permissions with us instead of sharing his login credentials or screen which are both not convenient or secure. With permission to manage his newly purchased domain, we were able to connect his site in just a few minutes. To ensure that visitors to radwanskeikyphotography.com can find his new website, we forwarded that domain to the new website as well.

You can check out Radwan’s beautiful websites and the beautiful photos he shoots by following the link beautiful landscape and portrait photographs from Sierra Leone.


Radwan Skeiky is a freelance photographer who takes beautiful street, landscape and portrait photographs from Sierra Leone and around the world.


days to complete entire website design from scratch and add contents


hours to present first draft to client and it was accepted