Radwan Skeiky Photography

Radwan Skeiky, a freelance photographer, needed a customizable website to showcase his street, landscape & portrait photographs.

We built a simple website for Radwan with just three pages. Using a dynamic page for the collections ensure that the design is kept simple but scalable at the same time as adding a new collection in the database automatically creates a new page to display photos from the collection.


Radwan Skeiky is a freelance landscape, portrait and aerial photographer from Sierra Leone. When Radwan called XTRA Tech about his website design needs, he was clear about what he wanted. He already had a website he designed with Squarespace and had a vibrant social media presence on Instagram and Facebook. However, he wanted a more customizable website design which he can easily manage himself.

We started working on Radwan’s website immediately from a blank template combining information provided by Radwan during his initial call and information collected from our online presence audit of his social media pages to present him with a draft in less than 24 hours. We used the Wix Database feature to easily organize his photos into categories. We then linked these information to elements on his site and created a dynamic pages for each collection.

You can check out Radwan’s beautiful websites and the beautiful photos he shoots by following the link beautiful landscape and portrait photographs from Sierra Leone.


Radwan Skeiky is a freelance photographer who takes beautiful street, landscape and portrait photographs from Sierra Leone and around the world.


hours to present first draft to client and it was accepted


days to complete entire website design from scratch and add contents


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