Gracelyn-Vinalo School

Gracelyn-Vinalo International School & Daycare needed a simple but stunning website to share information and photos from the school.

In just about one week, XTRA Tech was able to complete the design of their stunning website. We used the Wix Database for their dynamic content to make it easy for their team to edit and used the Wix Pro Gallery to display the school's beautiful photos.


After there first year in operation, Gracelyn-Vinalo decided to build a website for their school before the start of the 2020/21 academic year. They wanted to make information about the school available to the public.

They also wanted to provide a step by step admissions information including a downloadable admissions form which parents can download fill out and either email or hand deliver to the school.

Gracelyn-Vinalo didn't have any prior online presence not even social media accounts. Therefore a major challenge was not to build them a website but to boost their online presence especially on search engines.


Gracelyn-Vinalo International is a private school & daycare at Tengbeh Town that offers a wide range of academic programs.