DAWN International School

Before commencement of their first school term, DIS needed a website and business email addresses for their school.

We started with the colors on their badge to create a vibrant and playful design with a mix of colors from the flag of Sierra Leone - green, white and blue. We also added the school song to the end of the image so that parents can teach their kids to sing it.


DAWN International School is a private school in Goderich that offers primary education under the Cambridge Examinations International Education (CEIE) curriculum. The school started operations in September 2018.


Prior to their first school year, XTRA Tech worked with DAWN International School to design a website for the school and set up social media accounts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. These social media accounts were then integrated with their website. XTRA Tech also managed Facebook adverts for DAWN International School to help raise awareness for the school on social media.


In addition, XTRA Tech conducted G Suite evaluation, deployment planning, deployment and  continued to provide post-deployment support to DAWN International School. With G Suite, DAWN International School has professional email addresses such as admin@dawnintschoolsl.com and director@dawnintschoolsl.com through which parents can contact the school. They also have extra Google Drive storage space, Google Hangouts meeting services and top notch security to create and manage users as well as manage user devices - android phones and chromebooks.


DAWN International School is a private school that teaches the Cambridge education curriculum.


On Google search for brand name above competitors with the same name


Monthly active users with top visits from Sierra Leone and United States


Social media accounts created and branded by XTRA Tech