Atlantic Lumley Hotel

Atlantic Lumley Hotel wanted to improve the look of their website by getting the design overhauled and locally appealing.


The management of Atlantic Hotel wanted to modernize their website and make it visually appealing to their local customers in Sierra Leone. The hotel also wanted to receive booking enquiries on the website directly in their mailbox and provide an alternative for visitors to reach out on Messenger.

We used the Wix Form app to create a booking enquiry form with notifications of form submissions and other key information forwarded directly to the hotels email address. After a few months, the hotel saw a huge increase in the number of reservations made on their website.

In addition, one of Sierra Leone's finest hotels could boast of a functional website that looks stunning on both desktop and mobile.


The Atlantic Lumley Hotel is one of the best hotels in Sierra Leone located along the lively Aberdeen peninsular by Lumley beach.


on Google Search for brand name above social media pages


organic pageviews per month of a total 668


average online reservations per month