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100% Data Driven Websites

We understand that data drives decision in your business. Therefore, we ensure that with any plan you get free monthly reports from Google Analytics to understand where your visitors come from and what actions they take on your website.

In addition, we provide monthly Google Search Console reports to help you understand what your visitors searched for online when they found your business. These two reports help you formulate a robust Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan and address technical issues on your website.

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Coupled with our website design service or as a standalone service, we help our customers grow their online presence through managing their social media accounts and contents, and managing their digital advertising campaign on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

We build stunning websites for our clients as a hub to connect with their customers or attract the right target audience from social media or search engines or digital ads. We build websites for all sorts of businesses - hotels, restaurants, schools and non-profits.

Build & Grow Your Online Presence


We work faster than you need us to

Get a fully functional website in 14 days or less depending on your specifications. For most website projects, we produce our first draft design in 2-5 business days. Once you review and accept our draft, we will complete your work in a few more days. There is no compromise on quality. We work faster than you need us to because we know getting your business online is a major milestone in the digital age.

Manage Your Business Technology

Access to technology makes a huge difference in how successful a small business can become. However, you do not have to break the bank to get the technology you need to run an innovative, professional and efficient business. But you do need someone to help you identify, source, deploy, and manage the technology you need. We specialize in hardware, software, networking, cybersecurity and cloud technology. We also build mobile and web applications to match your website.

Why Choose XTRA?

Because you deserve more...


We give you the flexibility to choose the services that are right for your business at any given time. You can always scale up later to include more services. Our goal is to be present at every stage of your business growth and play a part in that journey.



Our pricing system is straightforward. There are no hidden fees. We are clear on third-party costs, one-time costs and recurring costs. We also match our work with quality and timely reporting so that you get a clear understanding of the impact of our work.



Our wide range of digital marketing and IT services will cover any or all of your needs in growing your business; and planning, deploying & managing IT infrastructure services. You are sure to get the same quality from from us for all your needs


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